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Jul 15, 2009 by

Cognihance ReviewThere’s a new Celastrus product on the market, and we felt compelled to review it. There are more and more searches for memory pills, focus pills, and concentration pills each day, and although this product isn’t a pill, it’s definitely a powerhouse when it comes to helping with memory loss. The product is called Cognihance and it’s a liquid tincture, which makes it far easier to absorb than a capsule or a pill.

Of all the herbal memory enhancement remedies we’ve encountered, none actually come close to Cognihance. Folks here are used to taking Gingko biloba as a natural memory aid, and although many feel as though they can feel a tangible effect from it, not everyone on staff finds it helpful. Gingko is widely known as an herbal memory enhancer, but we’ve found that it’s not nearly as effective as we wish it was.

Cognihance on the other hand…well, we couldn’t wait to review it!   Typically, Gingko reportedly takes about a week of continuous use before one starts to feel clearer thinking effects, but we found that Cognihance worked quite noticeably within just 1-2 days.  The ability of Cognihance to work so quickly opens a whole new world of possibilities for everything from those suffering with memory loss to students hoping to increase their performance on tests and exams.

We don’t believe in magic “memory pills”, and we’ve tried them all (at least the natural ones).  It’s exciting to be able to offer a positive review of a product that’s as easy as a pill to take, but absorbs faster than a typical pill ever could. Cognihance is supposed to be available in a liquigel form as well sometime soon, but as of this writing, there’s only a liquid tincture.

If you click the link above, you will see that it is a direct link. We get no commission from any sales we direct to Cognihance.  We’re just thrilled to finally have something all-natural available to us to help increase concentration, to help with focusing when we really need to do so, and to provide a notable increase in clarity of thought. In fact, this is something we all thought might be a great idea to use whenever we posted to the blog, especially since it’s been clinically proven to be both effective and safe.

Please feel free to comment about your experiences with Cognihance below as well; we want to know what others think about this exciting new product, and about any other natural herbal products that readers feel are effective for enhancing memory and concentration.

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