What Form?

Which Form Should I Take?

This is perhaps the #1 question I receive, and one that I answer strictly from my own personal experience. The short answer is this: I have purchased the liquigels by Cognitol, I have purchased whole seeds, powdered seeds, tea, and a newer tincture from Cognihance. I used to be a die hard purist, and, until recently only enjoyed the whole seeds, either chewed whole, or made into a delicious tea.

The problem with chewing the seeds whole, though, is that they are somewhat bitter, and chewing 24 seeds, if you are not accustomed to the taste, can be a bit unpleasant. This is why I began making a tea per a recipe we found on the internet, but the tea required steeping the seeds for 4 hours or so before it could be taken. This requires planning!

Best Form of CelastrusRecently, I tried a tincture by Cognihance, and, skeptical as I am of new products that appear on the market with slick looks and slick advertising, I am astonished at the ease of use and the potency of this tincture. All that one needs to do to work with this tincture is to place one dropper full under the tongue. I tried it out and went through a series of memory tests an hour later, as I do with all the Celastrus I test from various vendors.

I was amazed…I was used to the taste of chewing Celastrus seeds, but now, in a liquid tincture, I achieved almost identical results as I had with the whole seeds; a feat that I was unable to match in the past, no matter what product I tried.

Remember, this is just the person opinion of myself and the staff here at the Celastrus Shop, but being such avid fans of this amazing herbal product, we feel that we have somewhat valid opinions, despite our lack of a lab in which to perform tests.

No matter the form you choose or where you decide to buy this product, we encourage you to at least try Celastrus; like us, you may wonder how you ever studied for a test or embarked on a creative project without it. Furthermore, Celastrus has helped increase my personal well-being by giving me confidence that I can remember things better than I ever could before!