Memorizing Skills

Sep 6, 2012 by

Every one of us probably has an innate capacity to remember that can’t be changed. However, you can cultivate effective memorizing...

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Haptic Learners

Aug 15, 2012 by

The next group of people in our survey of learning styles are the haptic learners, sometimes called tactile or kinesthetic learners....

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Focus Pills

Aug 9, 2012 by

Whether harried students or professionals working long hours, many people these days are interested in so-called focus pills:...

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Mindfulness Training

Aug 7, 2012 by

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to concentrate on a task when a million other distractions are running through our minds. For...

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Power Study

Dec 23, 2008 by

The Power Study is a recently developed concept based on emerging techniques of information acquisition and memory enhancement. For...

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